A list of metadata errors

Not sure if the Roon devs really appreciate the reporting of every single metadata issue. Anyway, here are a few things I came across during my trial of Roon (version 1.2 build 161).

Artist equivalence:

  • Lucien aka Lucien-N-Luciano vs Lucien (reported before)
  • Albums from múm (Icelandic group) and Mum (Paul Schneider, Stefan Jungmayer) are grouped under the same artist (múm).
  • Amon Düül and Amon Düül II are seen as the same artist. Rather amusingly, the Allmusic review of Amon Düül II’s album Yeti explicitly warns to not confuse these two groups.
  • Two different artists by the name of “Karma” are mixed up. Album: Future Sound of Jazz, Vol 4 (Compost label), disc 1, track 9: definitively the wrong Karma.

Name variations and aliases:

  • Aphex Twin vs AFX. I don’t understand why Roon prefers AFX as the main name for Aphex Twin and his other aliases. Aphex Twin should be the main entry.
  • Rodriguez and Sixto Rodriguez should be the same artist, at least linked via an aka.
  • “Christian Prommer’s Drumlesson” is not an artist, it’s part of an album name (Christian Prommer’s Drumlesson, Vol. 1). The artist, of course, is Christian Prommer.
  • Caribou should have an aka link to Manitoba.

Multi-disc issues:

  • OutKast’s Speakerboxxx/The Love Below should be seen as a double album. Now it appears as 2 completely separated albums.

Just wrong:

  • The album Late from “duo 505” is attributed to Herbert (Matthew Herbert).

Hi @Jaundka,

Actually we very much appreciate these reports. Not everything is simple to resolve and sometimes it’s the source metadata which lets us down. That said, we’ll take a look at each of these issues and see what we can do.

Many thanks, and thanks for trying Roon!

@Eric @mike

Joel, thanks for your reply!
It’s really good to see that much activity of the Roon developers and officials here in the forums. This kind of dedication plus the already great functionality of Roon plus the ongoing development promises a great future.

I’m in :wink: