A little confused about Genre mapping

I’m a little confused about Genre mapping. How is it I have ‘Children’s’ in my overview where I can’t find that in settings / library / genre mapping?

Hi Egbert,

First, you need to have Use Genres Extracted from File Tags in Settings > Library > Import Settings set to Yes, for Genre Mapping to be used.

If the above is the case, then not finding Children’s in Genre Mapping means that it wasn’t found in your file tags. It’s a Roon Genre. The left column of the Genre Mapping screen shows genres from your file tags.

More info here.

Hope that helps.

Cheers, Greg

tx, but no.
Settings are good.
That left hand column, Genres from your files, is nonsense. I can assure you that none of my files are labeled ‘industrial metal’ or ‘instrumental pop’ but still these fantasy labels are in the genre mapping overview. Maybe it means ‘if your collection would contain something like industrial metal, we would show it as’. Covering all possibilities, I don’t know.
Holidays is shown as a top-level genre in my genre overview, none of my albums is labeled ‘holidays’ and the mapping overview does not show it so I can’t change or hide it.
Still confused.