A Little Metadata Challenge; Play Along!

The task before you is to import this album from TIDAL, then perform Roon “manipulations” such that every work (only three) is identified (as per the little album thingy).

Important: keep account of the time it takes, and how successful you were. Best time wins much awe and admiration.

Added and then deleted in 10 sec :grinning:

I think you may have looked on your neighbor’s paper…

The Principal will see you now. :smile:

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18 seconds… (to select the “three discs” in the box set, merge them into one and renumber the tracks)

Are all the compositions identified (by Roon)?

I simply identifiesd with the second offered title when I went to identify album. And have ended up with 1 disc only.

Wow, this would be great for the Olympics. Definitely requires more athleticism than curling!

Ah, sod it - I missed this! You, sir, are the winner…

And I’m really annoyed with myself because I’ve seen this sort of thing before - I should always try the reidentify trick and click the known title just to check if there are more versions lurking…

I’m now going to listen to this album this evening. It had better be worth it after all my hard work…

Arrgh. The old second album trick. I always miss that. I assume that when importing, Roon made the best match. Oh well. Everybody gets an A.

really nice album btw, like

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You’re in a very jolly mood John, he said suspiciously. :thinking:

Its a new year, and a kinder gentler John is emerging…


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It’s early yet :slight_smile:

Is there a weakling nearby that I can bully, or a small flaw in the software I can rag about?

This kindness gig is tough!

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