A lot of my Qobuz titles keep disappearing from Roon

a lot of my qobuzz titles keep disappearing from Roon

I just added a ton back then poof, they disappear again without warning.

Unfortunately this was very common but then we thought it was fixed…apparently not.
All you can do is sit and wait until Qobuz fixes it.
It is definitely at their end.
Search the forum, lots of recent similar threads.
Have patience is about the best I can offer right now I am afraid.

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I thought that was the case but just logged into the Qobuzz app on my pc and I see the titles that disappeared on there.

oh and than you for your reply, you could be right but not sure why showing up one place and not another.

You will see them in your Qobuz app yes, just not in the Roon side right now.
It’s a problem of sync between Roon and Qobuz but absolutely Qobuz fault atm.
It will be resolved.

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