A Love Supreme missing from TIDAL?

I’m new to Roon. I find many albums from Tidal unavailable and this frustating. John Coltrane A Love Supreme, for example, is among albums in Tidal for a long time but missing in Roon.

My expection is that I can use Roon for my library and Tidal music. This is the value prop described by Roon and I think we pay a fair price to have them meet this commitment.

Am I missing something?

Hi David,

What country are you in and could you give us a couple of examples?

Also, if you go into the Tidal app, are the albums available to you there?

Cheers, Greg

Hi Greg - THanks for the quick follow up. I’m in the US. John Coltrane A Love Supreme and Distrubed Sound of Silence (which I found with difficulty) are two.


One more. Passenger. I could not find All The Little Lights searching Passenger in Roon. Found it when I put the album title into Roon. Am I making a mistake?

Hi David,

I did a search for John Coltrane A Love Supreme and got 4 different releases. They all show as available for me (in Canada). See here:

I also found Disturbed Sound of Silence. Are you looking for the song or the album Immortilized? It’s there too, for me.

Are these artists already in your library? If so, when you select the artist, make sure you scroll far enough down, past you top tracks, main albums, Appearances and then you’ll see the available Tidal Main Albums. You will see the Tidal logo in front of Main Albums.

Cheers, Greg

Found it. But not by searching John Coltrane.
Searched A Love Supreme and it was the 18th or so album. Why can’t I find it under Coltrane?

Do you own another copy of A Love Supreme?

The TIDAL section of the artist page is designed to show you albums you don’t own, which you might want to add to your collection. I’ll mention that we’ve heard some feedback about this recently and are considering a change.

For now, if you are looking for the TIDAL version of an album you already own, you can find it by clicking Other Versions on the album’s page in your library.

I don’t have a better suggestion but want to encourage Roon to indeed change how it displays Tidal results for albums I already own. Or, for that matter, how it displays Tidal albums I have added to my library. I always have the Tidal app running just to clarify the results of a search.

It gets especially confusing when the artist has a catalog of more than a screeen-width of releases. (This is when I empathize with those who request a tabular as well as graphical result of search results.)

Wish I could be more helpful with a suggestion.

Bingo! Now that I know who to find the Tidal recording it’s fine!

Thanks! I really love Roon!