A message from the Roon founders


I’d be interested (am wholly sympathetic on the ALS question of course) to know how Roon fails you by forcing you to use… this(?), as your streamer (?), please. I imagine I might have misunderstood :frowning:

Does this help, or encourage you at all?

I have very little muscle movement, so I can ONLY stream. Putting a cd or record on is no long possible. The Roon app has not been written to support disabled users who rely on voice control or eye-gaze computers. Many of these solutions are built into Apples accessibility tools; however, they must be programmed into the app.


Thanks. I can barely understand how that must be. My best wishes for you!

I too love the Roon world. It’s to be hoped, as they say here, that things will improve in that respect.

How does the WiiM fail; I’m sorry that it does for you?

Since using it, I’ve never had a fault; the developers seem responsive, and ar always adding new features.

Again, all the best, James…

It fails because it is not Roon, that simple. Thanks for kind words.

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Looking at the nominees for this year’s design awards at the upcoming WWDC, I wondered whether there might be anything there which could materially help you.

All the best!

I had an album yesterday where once again, the composer credits were dead wrong. I don’t blame Roon for it, but in one case, I couldn’t remove the incorrect composer (I unchecked the composer in Credits, yet it still remained in the display…where others in the album were removed after being unchecked).

In fact, the album is Kevin Eubanks, Face to Face. The track “Essence” was composed by Eubanks, not Donald Byrd (who has a track “Essence” on his Electric Byrd album). For the album’s title track, I had to remove Frank Lowe, Lou Gramm and Mick Jones…this track was also written by Eubanks. Seriously? And “Trick Bag” shows Earl King as a composer, where it’s credited as Wes Montgomery on the record label.

And the songs composed by Eubanks were missing his composer credits, as was “Moments Aren’t Moments,” which was composed by Stevie Wonder.

And the ongoing issue where Roon displays metadata telling me that organist Lonnie Smith and fusion keyboardist Lonnie Liston Smith are the same person… :roll_eyes: Again, not Roon’s fault, but I wonder if there is another metadata source we could have access to in the future that would help us choose which set to use when editing the data. Only, as long as it’s good, reliable metadata, and not some of the terrible crowdsourced data I used to see in the past.

But, one Roon feature I wish we had (which I could probably create a feature request for)–the optional ability to write our edited Roon library data out to the files. On this album, for instance, I could have clicked a button to write my freshly edited data out to the files for the album.


Many would disagree, one point in Roon’s favour is that it doesn’t touch your files

Each to his own


Given that Roon will do some odd things sometimes, I certainly don’t want Roon messing with my files! :anguished:

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If you edit tags, you have to let some tool mess with your files.

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Most certainly. :+1:

IMHO, there are programs other than Roon that are much better suited to the task. :slightly_smiling_face:


As Mike says, Roon does not ever write to your files!

May I respectfully say that it’s really important to recognize this and only ever work on that basis?


There was a good example with Audirvana Studio when it launched , it identified each album and WROTE the MusicBrainID to every file in your library , that meant all the synchronized back ups now had to be repeated

a nightmare, they quickly made the write optional

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The quality of the updates is up, there’s not been a single shoot yourself in the foot release in months and months, functionality, stability have been greatly improved.

Keep it up guys, it’s completely transformed the Roon experience for me as compared to this time last year.

If you sprinkle in some tweaking of RAAT for improved sonic performance, golden.

Thank you for the work you’ve put in thus far!


I second everything you’ve said. I couldn’t be happier with the trajectory so far. Absolutely wonderful work being done.


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When will Sugden be approached to join Roon???

Is that Sugden Audio? I think they only produce one product in their range with a DAC (with no networking streaming capability).
Other than a nice icon on Roon, I’m not sure what benefit there would be.