A Modest Proposal

Valence is a great idea, but I wonder, is the technology really there to make meaningful recommendations to Roon users? Or, as another poster put it elsewhere, is there always the risk of “Mozart for Babies” percolating to the top of the AI list?

Perhaps Valence could be supplemented by old-fashioned intelligence? I am new to Roon, but one of my favorite parts is following the “What are we listening to [2021]” thread. I have already identified a half dozen members whose listening posts are profoundly helpful to me in locating new music. There is some deep knowledge among Roon listeners in a number of genres. Real intelligence.

So, perhaps there is a way in a future release for Roon users to voluntarily share, and for other users to follow, their libraries? In other words, if people are willing to share, isn’t this the ideal platform to distribute old-fashioned, life-long intelligence?

Think of it as perusing a respected friend’s vinyl collection. Who hasn’t wanted to do that?

Cheers and good listening to all.


All I can say is watch this space.


Totally on board with this feature. At the bare minimum being able to share links to existing tracks is something we want to do and seems technically feasible.

What ways would you want to share/explore/browse music with other Roon users? I personally like Bandcamp/Discog’s ability to browse other user’s libraries/collections (if they want to switch that on). Other fun things were Spotify’s ability to hop on to some else’s queue in-progress back in the day. Not saying we’ll do these, but happy spitball a bit :slight_smile: