A new direction for Roon?

In the past I was using a beautiful app on the Iphone called Accudio™. It transforms (or at least tries) your headphone into another brand or model using a database of recorded frequency responses from 1000 models. Unfortunately the app disappeared and the company behind, Orfeo http://orfeosound.com/about-accudio/ seems to be inactive. Maybe their database could be revived in roon and could provide a very nice user experience for those of us that like fiddling around with sound.


Audeze is an American company and hand crafts their products in America… what does Paris have to do with Audeze? As a user of Audeze headphones I’m happy with the new DSP engine.

And further more -

Audeze isn’t doing this because they’re great fellows. This is essentially, no matter its utility to Audeze owners, an advertisement for Audeze headphones.

How many people, like myself, have looked at the Audeze settings and thought, “Maybe I should think of Audeze for my next headphones”. Plenty.

It’s a further recognition that Roon is a major player, pun intended, in the audio field. After all, Audeze didn’t make DSP settings for JRiver.

Curious - any Audeze owners try these settings and if so, do they make an appreciable difference?


The Audeze thing is probably a great feature, and I’m glad it’s there.

However, I have to admit I was rather taken aback to see advertising copy from another company inside the Roon interface. It seems a bit dirty somehow.

On the other hand, you don’t have to look at it. And probably it was necessary though to get the feature in there.

At least it’s not some intrusive pop-up, not that Roon would contemplate such an thing. I agree that it is a bit disconcerting, maybe the pictures of the headphones are what makes it so obvious.

Still, I stand by my original comment to OP and that is, that things like this can only be good for Roon’s long term viability.

Oh I totally agree with that!

I decided to buy lifetime subscription a week into trial in 2015. The reason I came to Roon was I needed a one stop solution for all my music playing needs at the same time also wanted to do DSP (Roon +HQP). I did not want to play local files on one and Stream on another etc.

I have seen Roon evolve since then. I was using HPQ for all my DSP needs as I use some form of EQ, crosfeed, spatialization for all my headphones (Audeze/Focal/Hifiman/Stax). But when the DSP engine was added, I started playing with filters in Roon. At this point I was another user just like many here. Seeing how easy it was to use, I had proposed the idea to Roon. I saw this as benefit for Audeze customers and also Roon users such as me who also happens to have Audeze cans.

There was no arm-twisting involved. I liked Roon and I happen to head DSP at Audeze. Roon team provided us with an idea for interface, we provided the required assets.


This thread may help: Audeze Preset Art

I thought you seemed to know a thing or two about DSP ! But never once have you talked down to anyone or appealed to your position/authority in an argument or debate. Nice going man.


What Audeze has done is a good thing, but I have Grados and Oppos. I fired off a e-mail to those manufacturers telling them about the Audeze settings and asked that they supply DSP settings for their headphone models.

How about it Sennheiser, Beyerdynamic, et.al. users of other brands of headphones. Talk to your favorite headphone manufacturer. I’m sure once they realize what Audeze has done, they also will want to participate.

Roon will have to add a new screen to DSP settings, called ‘Headphone Settings’ and list the various manufacturers’ settings there.


Yup, exactly.

Well, I’ll stand by this: Roon is losing its reputation as THE choice for audiophiles and music lovers. In some circles its not regarded as the sonic best even now. Diluting the program with brand specific stuff is sending the wrong message and probably takes resources away from a more global objective. I really don’t care if Audeze did most of the lifting (as they are now claiming) to add to Roon. It was a Roon team idea. Really, how many Audeze users are out there? And, I don’t like that their crap is lurking in the background of my Roon program. At minimum these manufacture programs should be OPTIONAL uploads to the main program, not be forced on the collective. Kind of like the App Store. But, Roon is a long way away from being able to support this kind of model IMO. Sonics and fundamentals come first. Maybe this will make my point very clear: Roon still can’t get it’s act together regarding classical music metadata and thats been a request since the Sooloos days…but hey, its got Audeze DSP now…

Nothing wrong with sonics here. It’s sounds as good as my system will allow. It certainly doesn’t degrade the sound.

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It never was and it never will be by all. We get the bits to the devices perfectly now and always. Nothing has ever changed in this regard, but every release is a “massive change in SQ” to some people. Go figure.

We also claim this… We lack the expertise, knowledge, and equipment needed to do what they did. It bewilders me to think you could possibly make a claim otherwise. You are not in a position to know.

Were we that? Neat.

Don’t be ridiculous. If you think there is something better, vote with your dollars.

SongKick, lyrics copyrights, TIDAL, etc… we already do this type of thing and are not going to stop doing it any time soon. Audeze presets + their top headphones sound REALLY good. It’s not my/their fault the other manufacturers failed to innovate here.

Global objective set by who? This project fit in our global objective: bring joy to Roon members. Not every feature needs to bring joy to everyone.

I think we do a lot better than we did in the Sooloos days, but we haven’t stopped work on it. Metadata and the infrastructure involved with it is our biggest development cost. The team on metadata don’t do bizdev, UI, or DSP.


@G997, your argument makes no sense. If you don’t like them then don’t use them. They’re not mandatory and I’m sure some users would like to have the option of using them.

Guess I really struck a cord here

Actually a discordant tone

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Your submission here is idiotic in nature and in my view does not even create a thread that is intelligible for a debate on Roon’s future objectives. It shows your lack of knowledge in the software development in recent times in audio. The guys here in Roon do not need to and should not justify their position in terms of their contribution to the industry to the likes of you.


I’m going to close this one out… I’m not sure any more can be said on this that has already been said.