A New Roon App for Android/iOS

This topic probably has been tossed around enough in these forums, but I’ll toss it some more. Is there any chance of a Roon app? I have the Roon remote app, but I mean an actual Roon player that not only can play the local music library from my iPhone but also from a Roon cloud server. I’m subscribed to VOX, which has an app with those provisions. It’s lovely, but it doesn’t have the features Roon has such as volume leveling. The interface here is beautiful enough. I’m sure the design team would make the iOS version just as attractive. So what’s holding it back?

Moving this to feature requests

This is the only thing stopping me from subscribing/getting lifetime. Hopefully one day it will appear.

I would just like the 48k limit on android removed and just to be able to access all option via the app. Having to use my laptop any time I was to change DSP settings is a real nuisance.