A non corrupt album is not displaying from one drive but will from another! [Resolved]

Roon Core

Windows 10 64 bit AMD PC
The music is on two drives - an 8TB and a 6TB.

Description Of Issue

The offending album is the 6th of a set residing in the 6TB HDD - the other 5 albums display with no problem.

I have copies of the files so reinstalled the 6th album into the 6TB HDD but it still did not display and is not mentioned in the library. I deleted the files in Explorer and reinstalled then but no display.
But if I copy the files onto the 8TB HDD, the album does display - the reason I say the album files are not corrupt. So it seems the 6TB HDD will not allow Roon to display the album but the 8TB HDD does - makes no sense to me.

I suspect there are a few other albums in this same situation - suggestions??

When you the files on the 6TB drive don’t “display”, you mean you can see them in File Explorer but not Roon right?

Could you be a little more specific about the drives, e.g. how they’re formatted and connected to the PC, please?

Have you tried to get Roon to explicitly rescan the 6TB drive or are you relying on auto detection?

Some kind of bizarre file permissions issue is also possible perhaps?

If it’s a classic album with 6 sets that was initially only accessible distributed on two disks, that can already confuse Roon. Now that everything that belongs together is also together on the 8TB hard disk, Roon is also able to recognize it better.

So I suggest not to separate albums by drives or folders. Do you have an organizational structure that basically separates albums because the music comes from different music styles?

Apologies for the slow reply but I have been away for a day.

Yes, you have it understood - I can clearly see the file in Windows explorer but it just does not appear on Roon (in any format display) if in the 6TG HDD but does if that rogue file is moved to the 8TB HDD. The other 5 albums appear OK.

Both drives are internally connected in this PC and were formatted by Windows 10 with no special attention.

Yes I’m relying on auto detection but get Roon to specifically look at this 6TB HDD and will report of that finds it.

I do not think the 6 albums particularly require one HDD but they are on that one (the 6TB, not the 8TB) anyway.

LATER: The rescan achieved nix. I also checked the other 5 albums to make sure item 6 was not buried in one of them. The other trick is if Roon changed the cover so the album actually is there but not easily recognised but I discount that because if put in the 8TB HDD it displays with the expected cover. However it could be the set of tracks is actually in another album on that 6TB HDD so Roon is avoiding installing a duplicate but against that I’ve had no waring that I’m duplicating files.

LAST EDIT: I apologies for wasting people’s time. The albums were incorrectly labeled (by me) so although the file name appears in Windows explorer when I looked at the detailed contents of all 6 I see one has no music files attached.

John (feeling more stupid than usual)

It was not a waste of time, because it is our hobby and we want to learn and enjoy together. Thank you for the background, this may help later with a similar problem situation and support is part of the community. Exchange of ideas and personal experiences serve to better understand many things. Even misunderstandings are cleared up more easily this way. Therefore, thank you for sharing.

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