A NOOBIE's Perspective on ROON and things that need improvement

Clearly I must be thick . Some of the nuances of Roon were not obvious after 3 days , at least to me. So maybe you are missing something

The one thing you are missing is the general helpfulness of most forum users. They do not , in general, snipe.

If you took the time to look at the forum yout would hardly count me as a Fan Boy. I am vocal about many aspects of Roon that you wI’ll no doubt discover after day 4.

If you are a classal music fans you will experience frustration with things like Compositions and box sets.

I am an annual subscriber because I can’t bring myself to be a fan boy.

I would be happier if you kept your interpretation of users to yourself


Please don’t take my previous comment personally Mike. No you are not thick. And yes I did get the sense that the vast majority of forum people here are helpful. So I apologize if I offended you or anyone else. As for the functionality of ROON, those specific features you mentioned were not lost on me. I did notice those things. And while not perfect, ROON is way way better at doing those things then the others out there right now. And honestly this app while very feature robust, is really just the gateway to access my music. So the quicker it can hand me my music in the form I want it and then get out of the way the better. And ROON does this very well. As for the minutia of feature details that are not mission critical to that primary function, they will expose themselves over time. But those features don’t really affect my buying decision. I just need to be able to access my music quickly and easily and without issues. And even though I was having some troubles with RAAT and my network, I think I have figured it out and I see myself using ROON going forward.

Hi Danny,

While I am not a software developer and don’t fully understand the underpinnings of how ROON works from an architecture and coding perspective, I do know that there are audio apps out there capable of doing things that Apple doesn’t support. For example, take a look at the offerings by RogueAmoeba. Audio Hijack Pro - is a good example - You can access and record music from ANY app running on your Mac, including Apple Music. And I am pretty sure Apple doesn’t want that. lol Also, Rogue Amoeba has AirFoil, which allows you to stream from ANY app on your Mac to basically ANYTHING else including other PCs on your network, streaming devices or things like smart speakers. It essentially acts like a universal Apple AirPlay that isn’t limited to Airplay devices supporter by Apple. So it IS possible to work around the walled garden Apple has made but it may require some creative thinking and engineering on your part to make that happen, since it’s extremely unlikely Apple would cooperate with you and ROON to do that given the size differences in user bases. Rogue Amoeba | Airfoil: Wireless audio around your house

Last night I ran out of room on my 2TB m2 SSD drive and so added another 8TB drive and copied all the files over and ROON had to go through an index everything again. This time though, I was ready for it. And I set it to use all 8 cores, which helped - so like DSP, this is an example of where multi-threading is really a win and Kudos to ROON for multi-threading the indexing feature!

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Back up is my only killer, it uses all cores with no choice to limit, in my case it hogs my machine for 8-10 minutes

Why not back up while you sleep?

Because in Johannesburg we get nasty electrical storms that fry computers and electronics in general :sunglasses:

It’s ok in winter but summer it’s too risky, a few years back my neighbours palm tree took a direct hit which worked back through the telephone cable and zapped my streamer, video streamer, av amp, switches, routers the lot . It was even unplugged from the mains , it spread the ADSL filter all around the room !!!

Once bitten ….

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C’mon Mike…Never heard of Power Conditioners???

No , I trust nothing other than a pulled out plug :joy::joy::joy:. Even that didn’t save me the phone line got me. At least we are underground cable now.

Within days of getting back to JHB after a spell at the coast, I fried my PC , cost a new MB. Next doors tree literally burst into flames.

THese storms are really quite something . People here lose washing machines, fridges entire sets of white appliances, all sorts. They have to experienced to be believed. In summer it’s almost daily , late afternoon.

The insurance company never even query they are so used to it. They employ an inspection company who just look for damage

I am not alone in my paranoia :sunglasses:


I’ve always lived in California my whole life. Back in the early 80’s I think, we had a nasty storm lost power. Then, they of course, find the blown transformer, replace it and then restore power. I had no power conditioners back then, they put extra voltage on the line to get everything up and running again.

That process took out my Power Amp…expensive to repair…finally it seems surge protectors were invented…no more damaged gear…!!

Sorry that your situation seems so severe, surge protection does not work I guess…it seems there has to be some better solution than to keep replacing your damaged stuff!..A Flaming Tree? OMG!


I visited Joberg once and visited the game farms there and loved it. I didn’t realize you had lightening storm problems there. I recently moved to Florida which is probably the lightening capital of the world. And what I use both from a surge protection and electrical noise reduction (which makes your system sound better) is I use a Furman power strip. These things aren’t as crazy expensive as some of the really high end audiophile stuff, but it really works great, has industrial strength surge protection and helps to reduce electrical noise from the other devices you have plugged into your home. I highly recommend it. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000YYVLAK/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1

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Apple have a means of giving you more than the middle finger - they can remove your app from their app store. Best to play by their rules…

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The forums aren’t hostile. A small percentage of users who are constant contributors of vitriol are hostile. Unfortunately, they have given this place a bad reputation that has overshadowed the contributions of the many friendly and helpful people here.



I’m going to tiptoe back in here and hope I can respond to you without offending you. Is there any chance you’d be willing to skim through any of the threads on adding Apple Music or Spotify or Amazon Music? None of the things you are suggesting are in any way a workaround for why Roon currently doesn’t support those services. Danny has explained on numerous occasions what is required and why they can’t currently add those services and still maintain the Roon experience. He’s also stated on numerous occasions that he is not willing to diminish the experience in order to add those services. You are going over ground that has been extremely well covered previously.

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Yes, I agree.

I will take your word for it Dave. However, if Tidal and Qobuz are the two main sources of content for ROON besides people’s HDDs, then ROON like Tidal and Qobuz is doomed. Do you really think Tidal and Qobuz will be around one year from now let alone five years from now with Apple and Spotify offering lossless streaming with master quality recordings that are in many cases superior? This is a do or die type situation. So if they don’t do it, they die. And to answer your original question, no I haven’t spent any time on this forum and am not that interested yet to spend the time investigating these issues. Again this is just an app to play my music. I really don’t have any emotional attachment to it yet.

Please show us the evidence to back up this statement, because I’m pretty sure it is wildly inaccurate.


Armchair speculation. Niche products exist in many markets, particularly if they can achieve value added status.

I have argued this point before but, as has already been pointed out, you seem a little averse to saturating yourself in the richness of preexisting forum content.


Ok your right given that Spotify hasn’t even released its lossless streaming yet. Specifically when comparing Tidal to Apple, Tidal’s masters seem to vary from poor to good and there is little consistency where as Apple has very good consistency of high quality masters across their library. This was based on A/B tests I ran for over a hundred randomly selected tracks. Qobuz on the other hand seems to have very high quality masters on par with Apple. Having said that, I would argue that most people will cancel their $20/month Tidal/Qobuz subscription in favor of Apple lossless which offers their whole library including lossless masters for $10/month irrespective of whether I am right or not about the master quality. So really its a moot point.

So is it possible that Tidal and Qobuz will survive and hang on with only a tiny subscriber base? Sure its possible, but what business would want to remain in that market if there was little to no growth opportunities? It’s a dead end. So really the only solution here is for ROON to expand its content base beyond just those two very small streaming providers. And if they can’t or won’t do that then its highly likely that ROON as a business will not survive. Or best case scenario is that it will remain extremely small with no growth. That’s not a good situation to be in.

Again, pure speculation. What evidence do you have that the market will behave in this way?