A note of thanks

I just wanted to say a big thank you to the team at Roonlabs for bringing Roon to us. In the short time I’ve been using Roon you’ve transformed and enriched my listening experience in many ways, some of which I’d anticipated and others I hadn’t. My listening sessions are now much longer than they’ve tended to be over the last few years. Having album reviews, artist biographies and seeing who participated on an album at your fingertips coupled with the ability to explore in ways not previously possible is a new-found pleasure. My interest is renewed and I’m enjoying recent releases and rediscovering old gems that hadn’t been front of mind for years.

Thanks guys, I’m ROONed for life.

Happy holidays and here’s hoping for a fantastic 2016.


Agreed! I signed up for lifetime. I’m enjoying my music more than ever.

I’m thinking of getting rid of cable.

Happy Holidays, Greg

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Unfortunately , Im an idiot and keep having metadata issues , I’m trying to resist the urge to return to ground zero and start over . That said , Roon’s potential at the current rate of development is quite honestly , frightening and best of all the interactivity between (potential ) users and Roon staffers is so refreshing . It makes perfect business sense to involve your biggest fans (us!) in the development of the product . Win!-Win!

Right , where’s that glass of bubbly and HQ Player Manual ??? :smile:

Congrats to all at Roon for reminding us all that while the tech is interesting , ultimately it should really be about the music !
Happy Christmas ! from another lifer !