A "nothing else to do monday morning"

Recorded a video while listening to beautiful music. Felt like sharing it with y’all…

I Muvrini’s So Di Vighjaneddu playing with Roon from Qobuz on:

Totaldac D1-six DAC suite (3 box) & D1-reclocker (1 box)
Totaldac Amp1 mono blocks
Totaldac D100 chestnut speakers
Lumin U1 player (15.0 Roon only mode)
Ayre KX-R pre amp
Rel Carbon Special sub’s (very difficult room)
Trinnov ST2 Pro room correction (low range only eq in digital domain)
PS Audio P20 & P12
Grimm & Audioquest & Totaldac cables


1 So Di Vighjaneddu

For the better sound - It is beautiful



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and 3 A tè Corsica

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Very difficult setup acoustically, looking at speaker proximity to side walls…

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Yes, indeed…