A number of issues

Hi @dylan, as requested, I attach three examples of “Top Performers” that make little or even no sense at all.

Example 1:

Notes: This is a composition for piano by Bela Bartok. the first artist I get is guy with an electric guitar. The second is some jazz arranger. The third is a violinist. Only No. 4 is a pianist. Whether Helene Grimaux should be considered the topmost pianist is an altogether different story.

Example 2:

Notes: A piano composition by Mendelssohn. The Top Performer is an organist. Sophie Pacini? Why her? Joseph Kalichstein? No clue who he is. Where are the true top pianists?

Example 3:

Notes: Chopin preludes for piano. I get a trumpeter listed here alongside Lang Lang and Eric Lu. One would expect the likes of Sokolov, Pollini, Rubinstein, Argerich or similar here.

These are just 3 examples. I would say that from what I have seen so far, about 50% of all the suggestions Roon comes up with make little to no sense.

Could this get fixed or is there a way to switch this off, please.

Many thanks for your assistance


roon isn‘t that wrong here. Lee Ritenour did an album together with Dave Grusin on which the mentioned Romanian Folk Dances is one title.

Two Worlds https://www.amazon.de/dp/B00004YSR2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glc_i_SZDTMN1HAW5W45CGZ55K

However a switch to turn such stuff off would be very nice…

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That may well be and may make them the “top performers” of that specific arrangement but clearly not of Bartok’s original composition for piano, which is the one I am giving as an example above.


Don’t get me wrong here, I do not disagree with you, was just trying to explain what might cause this (one example). I don’t like that behaviour of roon as well, that’s why I do not even look at the often wrong linkings to other music roon provides and would prefer a switch to turn that off.


I noticed something else:

When I am on any album and select the three dots at the right side next to any composition, I sometimes get “Go to composition”, which takes me to the composition page to find info, recordings etc.

But very often, I do not get this menu item at all. All I get is a “Edit…” menu item.

Question: Why do I sometimes get a “Go to composition” menu and very often not? How can I ensure that I get this menu next to each and every composition on any album of classical works in my collection?

This is currently very inconsistent and sketchy. Thanks for any help on this.

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Sorry, me again…

Although it is different music style, maybe this thread explains. Or this one and this one.

Roon team does not even answer such questions…

Thanks again, @Ralf_Karpa

That sounds very encouraging :no_mouth:

I tried the “unidentify” method that you described on the other thread on one album It did not make any difference. I even went one step further, deleted that album from Roon, cleaned my library, re-imported again. Still makes no difference. Cant get the context menu for compositions to show up.

I must say this all feels a bit like a “concept study” of a control point that may work one day in the distant future - but unfortunately not as advertised today. I still have 5 weeks in my trial to grasp whats going on, or not.

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Unidentify and re-identify with the same metadata does not help. You need to see whether there is an alternative version for the same album. If so, you can try that/them. Vinyl versions work best, the metadata (in my view) is anyway mostly unusable and you can enter them for that specific album. One “bug” in 1.8 is that for the first track very often the “Go to composition” is not shown, however, when you browse the composer and filter for that track, in 80% of my cases the composition itself was there (using the vinyl version). Also, it is not very easy to track the compositions anymore as alternate versions on same albums are not shown on the stack anymore (as it was in the past). I asked whether this can be brought back (see my linked threads), but the guys didn’t answer that.

Well, let’s be clear: you can’t. Roon works with the metadata provided by various sources, and the metadata for classical is all mixed-up. Lots of it is missing and/or incorrect. There is nothing Roon can do to fix that situation.

I think that in the cases where it can identify the composition and there is sensible metadata, it will give you the “Go to composition” link; otherwise, the “Edit…” link.

They could, if they want to. If metadata isn’t there, they could still leave it up to the user to enter them and act inside the software as if the “album”/“track” wasn’t identified. If you have a fully unidentified album, all the links work. However, the rezension of the album cannot be edited. If that would be possible, I would have all my albums unidentified and add the information on my own. Doing so, I would be sure not to have unuseable metadata and even translated rezensions which would be great.

There was only one version of that album.

The compositions in question are all showing correctly. Nothing here is mixed up. There is just no context menu to go to them directly. But the compositions are all there in composition browser, with composition date and all. This is not to be blamed on bad metadata but seems to be a functionality fail.

If the compositions are all there, then at least the functionality is given. So, hopefully they correct this bug with the missing link.

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That would indeed be very nice.

There could be a couple of reasons for this, maybe more.

  • The track or tracks are not recognised by Roon as a Composition in its cloud database.
  • I’ve noticed that for a composition that is a work with a number of parts, the 3-dots menu does not include the “Go to Composition” option on the Work entry (which is generated by Roon on the fly from the actual tracks), but only on the 3-dots menus by the Part tracks.
  • However, on the Work entry, if you see the disc icons with a number (representing the number of recordings), you can click on this to go straight to the Composition page.

Which is of course the case for about 70-80% of classical compositions.

Yes that icon shows up if you have 2 or more recordings of any given composition. It does not show up when you have only one recording. Another inconstancy that I noticed.

It’s not an inconsistency. If you only have one recording of a work in your library, there’s no need to show that.

I take it that your collection is completely local - you don’t subscribe to streaming services? Because if you did, you would see the number of recordings of the work available from the streaming services in addition to what you had locally.

Have you got a lot of albums in your library that have not been successfully identified?

I have Qobuz, and I see a number displayed there. but that is often silly. I looked at some Stockhausen work this weekend and Roon was telling me there are 38 recordings of that work. I could not quite believe that and when I clicked there to check, there where in fact 3 recordings but Roon was counting all the individual movements. Also I prefer to focus on my library and only of I am casually interested click that Qobuz count. It is a pretty meaningless count very often.

Not really. Maybe 150 out of 4000-something.

You can tell Roon that you are only interested in complete recordings. It’s an option on the menu of the Recordings list on the Composition pages.

If you would read my very first post in this thread, where I have already pointed to the fact that that funtion does not work correctly either…

@dylan had subsequently told me, that they are working to fix this.