A PC with toslink output as Roon endpoints

I have a PC with toslink ouput.
This PC isn’t where the Roon core is.
If I connect this PC to my DAC through toslink, can Roon core find this node and treat it as an endpoint?
A guy who wants to use the old DAC and PC

Why don’t you try it and find out?

I expect the answer is yes.

If you install Roonbridge on this PC then you should be able to do that.

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I can do that with a USB Dragonfly Cobalt, so I suspect you can with no problems. I’m running the full blown Roon software on my Dell XPS 15 laptop as it was my core before Nucleus. My laptop is connected by WIFI to my network.

It can. I’ve done so myself. You just need to install Roon Bridge on that PC and then go to Roon --> Setup --> Audio and configure the device.

If your PC’s OS can see the Toslink output, so can Roon.

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Yes. As long as it’s on the same network and subnet. You can either install roon bridge or, if it has a monitor and keyboard/mouse you can install the full roon windows install. It will ask you to connect to the core/server and you can use the full roon functionality to view your library, playback, and show the now playing display, etc. You can also control it from mobile apps. I use this setup and it works great.

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I have done this, passing from PC to an OriGain AD250 via TOSLINK. If you want it to be a reliable endpoint, you should install Roon Bridge, even if you might also install the Roon Remote app.

Yes you can. Either install Roon (desktop) or Roonbridge for Mac.

As you’ve not given any details on you current setup I am assuming you have a functioning Roon Core. If not, Roon (desktop) can fulfill that role.

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