A perfect relationship vinyl and Roon

without getting in to the discussion of vinyl versus anything that produces sound . My addition here is to share a great partnership with Roon and my existing vinyl collection . My collection is catalogued with discogs and i have been using the software vinyl studio for digitising vinyl for some 10 years or more .
I have a system which married with Roon is giving my vinyl a new dimension. I particularly identify with the reviews when I drop a digitised album into ROON . In the 70’s while working at a newspaper as a photographer I was granted the gig of writing record reviews . No vetting of my erstwhile writing skills I ran the gauntlet with many mixed metaphors with rambling enthusiasm . After all I only was supposed to be visually literate.
Under the guise of my alias Harry Steilus , we had a TV critic Dafor Knight and a vegetarian restaurant critic . During my tenure as Mr Steilus I accumulated much vinyl as well as being a keen collector .
My point of the story is the Roon reviews have given me insight to the wares of some of my rarer vinyl gems . Lots of incidental facts and trivia has been amassed into the Roon intel box .
While i’ll save my opinion on what sounds better the vinyl version or the Roon digitised FLAC file.
Now retired from writing reviews and taking photographs my retired life as an audiophile and music lover gives me plenty of time to find out startling facts about that 'jules and the polar bears ’ recording Im about to digitise . thank you


Exactly sir!
Snap and double snap here

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