A profile for kids (to restrict access)

I have three children under the age of ten and I have an iPad configured to give them access to our family music library through Roon. I created a profile for them to use but I am concerned that they can mess with just about everything in the system. Is there a way to set a particular profile to “listen/browse” only and not “edit” either global settings or album/track metadata?

I’ve been searching all over and not sure how to solve for the kid in a computer problem.

thanks in advance for any advice here

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a way to do this. All profiles have the same full access to all the features of Roon.

Having different levels of user profiles is a long standing feature request that has been asked for many times. It may be on Roon Labs to-do list, but unfortunately, it appears that it’s not yet high enough up on the priority list…

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I am searching for a way to provide music to my kids. I am wondering if there is any way to set up a profile with only selected artists to be played. My issue is that I love the possibilities of Tidal and co but there is music out there and album covers which are simply not appropriate for a 9 year old kid and the standard tidal „youth filter“ is no real help.
So my thinking is: setting up a profile and add certain artists which are allowed to be played on this profile. Any other artist or album is blocked.

But I guess there is no option or workaround for this, right?


No, every profile has full access

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Hi @Sebastian_Thiesen,
I’ve merged your post into this existing discussion topic.

Check out this topic, there’s quite a lot of discussion, but as you see from title it’s low on Roon’s Roadmap.