A question about clock master priority

Hi there. I have a question about clock master priority.
I noticed a difference in sound quality in one of my zones depending on the clock master priority setting that I toggled for testing purposes. If I set that setting to highest the sound quality is as it should be, however if I set that setting to default, I felt that the sound quality dropped a little bit.

The question is why is that?
Is this an expected behavior?
Many thanks in advance for your insight.

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Hi there. Is there any input about this?
Maybe some precisions: this drop in sound quality that I felt is of course when playback is on grouped devices. The quality is like it should be when I set highest clock master priority in one of the grouped devices (however when I do this, audio sync with the other devices does not work very well). The quality is a little bit down in that particular device when I toggled its clock master priority to default (but audio sync worked very well in this case). I assume that this device is not well connected to the Wifi and that Roon preferred another better connected device as a master clock.

But this drop in SQ in one device not being the master clock is an expected behavior?
Please @support I need some knowledge input on this

Hi @skbe ,

When Roon starts grouped zone playback, Roon determines which zone should be the clock master based on the network conditions.

If sound quality is your primary concern, you can certainly use the clock master priority settings to manually set the clock master higher for one of the grouped zones.