A Question about Harmony Functioning

I’ve been using Khazul with great results. I read a question here where the user thought it was possible to do this: press play in the Roon Control, which would trigger an Activity in Harmony, i.e., turn on AVR, select inputs, etc.

If that is true, which I doubt, how might one configure that? Thanks.

You need to create a macro for it in the harmony app first. That has all the gear plus the Roku that gets created for the plugin to work. When that works as it should you link it in the extension to trigger that Marco. That’s essentially how I use it for my dining room system. It powers on the active speakers, sets the input to analogue and then streams from node 2 to the speakers.

I want to make sure we aren’t talking past each other @Simon_Arnold3.

I already have a Harmony Macro, MyAudio, that turns on my AVR, selects the correct source, etc. I have always accessed that macro from within Harmony (or my Logitech remote), and it works fine. That same Harmony macro handles Roon volume and play/pause.

My question is whether I can access that Harmony macro (or a similar one) from within Roon and have it work similarly.

If the answer to my question is ‘yes’ I would appreciate some guidance on the macro details.

If the Deep Harmony extension configured correctly to use that macro then it will do trigger that Marco when you start to press play in Roon. Not really sure what else you mean. example of mine below. My Marco in Harmony is called Roon and it combines Node 2, and my Qacoustics speakers. It switches all the inputs and switches it all on when I press play on the Node2.