A question of search. Again

I’ve already posted questions about this a few times over the last couple of years. Nothing seems to have changed but I want to make certain.
First off, I think the search in Roon is pretty terrible. I hate to say it as I really like Roon. It is dramatically let down by this inadequacy I think. But, understanding that the search is way below par, I still don’t understand why it’s not possible to select where you search. Or am I wrong?
I would like to be able to search for music only in my library rather than in the library and Tidal. Or I’d like to search only in Tidal. But these options seem lacking (unless I’m blind which is possible!)
Previously I’ve posted questions about this and have been told to use the filters to help the search function. This is a sticking plaster rather than a solution. Moreover my 8yr old daughter just doesn’t get that whereas searching is a breeze for her (except the results are almost never what you’d expect from a decent search engine).
So: firstly, is there a way to direct searches to a particular location/library?
Secondly, if not, how can this be requested? It seems like something obvious to me and something that would be beneficial to most users. Moreover, narrowing the search shouldn’t be something that’s difficult to implement in my (limited) experience of such things.
All thoughts gratefully received.
(Happy New Year!)

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That would be going to the album page and using the filter.

You search then hit the library icon and it will give library results only.

Or just use funnel filter in the albums view.

You can use focus to filter results by storage location on anything in your library.


Thank you! One question about search solved :slight_smile:
I have a question about grouping of speakers but I’ll post separately so as not to annoy anyone :slight_smile:
Thanks again everyone. E

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As Yul Brynner might say about Roon’s search: “Is a puzzlement.”

TL;DR: Too many times tracks that meet the search criteria are not found, while tracks that don’t are included in the search results.

I have several of the Steven Wilson box sets of the Jethro Tull remasters, which include lots of live tracks from over the years. As you might guess, the track “Aqualung” is featured several times across the box sets.

A search of my library for “Aqualung” only returns results from the Aqualung box set and doesn’t include any of the live or alternate versions in other box sets. Yet it includes all of the tracks from that box set, not just the track named “Aqualung” (which is probably a good thing).

A search for “Aqualung live” eliminates all of the tracks not named “Aqualung”, but only finds two of the live tracks: “Aqualung [Live in Den Haag 16th March 1980]” from the “Stormwatch” box set, and a live medley from the Heavy Horses box set that includes “Aqualung” in the very-long-title of the track.

For me, at this point, Roon’s search function is very close to useless because I don’t understand how or why it returns the results it does.

NB: If I Focus on “Jethro Tull” and “Live”, I get the appropriate Live tracks as a result. I suppose I could sort by track title to find all the ones named “Aqualung”, but that would make it hard to locate the medley track I mentioned above that the search function actually found. And using Focus avoids the Search function completely, which keeps Search in the not used/useless category.

Did you try using the Tracks Page and filter on Aqualung?

I did, yes. Same result as from the Album page.

I’ve had the same poor experience from search as @Jeff_Bellune desribes. As a long time Radiohead fan, I have a lot of versions of many of their songs from different album editions, live versions, box sets, etc. If I search for something like “everything in its right place”, only a couple of the Radiohead versions from my library will be displayed, and a bunch of garbage from Tidal (like cover versions) will dominate the results. Adding “radiohead” to the search changes, but doesn’t improve, the results. If I click the library icon to limit results to my library, I get a few more hits but nowhere near all of them. The only way I’ve found to return all of the versions in my library is to filter under Tracks. As a result, I hardly ever use search as it’s close to useless for me. That’s a shame, because Roon does a really good job in other areas. A functioning search seems like the most basic of library management features so I hope it gets sorted out at some point.

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For something like that I would just search and click on the composition result not the track as this will show all recorded versions of that song in or out of your library if they have been identified properly.

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