A real life example of artist income

I found this on Facebook from Amanda Pearcy.

Is there a rule of thumb in the industry that roughly equates downloads to purchases, e.g. 85 dl’s = X purchases? I’m wondering about the equity of download royalties vis a vis CD sales royalties.

Gotta do it for the love, it seems…

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Everyone knows the Artists don’t make much. The streaming companies say they make losses. No one talks about the publishers or record companies.

I don’t understand that this example is supposed to show. What should be be paid for 85 downloads?

It’s just a point of interest for debate…

For me the streaming situation is a shame. Just peanuts for the artist.
My own rule is to buy the download or the physical disc whenever I like the music.

Here’s the same for the wonderful Zoë Keating.

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IMO it’s not a matter of how little we pay, but how disgraceful the corporates (formerly EMI etcetera, nowadays Spotify etcetera) treat their cash cows. Both we and the artists are better off by completely destroying the industry and disruptively re-inventing contact.


I came across this today…