A Roon Endpoint that does four things needed

Hi All, I need something to do the following and I am willing to build it if I have to:

  1. Work as a Roon Endpoint
  2. Work as a receiver for spotify
  3. Have a USB port so I can attach storage to store my flacs, but also to store movie rips which Infuse (via Apple TV) can pick up on the network.
  4. Room Correction

Is it possible to do all three? It will plug directly into a Benchmark DAC2 HGC


I am only familiar with Auralic and you can do all of what you want using one of their bridges like the Aries mini, Aries or Aries G1 or G2. You will however need to get a NAS drive that supports DLNA. Then you download the plex app onto your Apple TV to access and play your movies.

I think the Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra does most of that (not sure about the Infuse / Apple TV thing and Room Correction).


You can do all the above with a raspberry pi and installing moodeaudio, roon, and plex.

Why would I need Plex? I’ve always had problems with it. For video at the moment infuse reads directly from my Mac and plays movies on my screen

Used it for many years with no problems.
Just giving you ideas, what you are trying to accomplish can be done without having to hurt your pocket much.
If you are looking for hardware recommendations, a Mac Mini, NUC, or Custom PC can do what you want.