A Roon primer article (2018)

Alan Taffel wrote an EXCELLENT article entitled “A Roon primer” in the Sept. 2018 issue of Stereophile magazine.

It gets pretty technical in depth of how to set things up and basic network topology.

I had to read it a couple of times to fully understand. But it is a well written article about Roon. If you or a friend are considering Roon his article is a great place to begin!

(Yes I know it’s October 2020).

Here the article online

The Absolute Sound, not Stereophile. Looking forward to checking it out!

This is a couple of years old. Some of it is out of date, and he gets a few details wrong, but largely OK.

But the last page is hilarious:

Some comparison tests are of a “drop the needle and listen for two seconds” nature, where the result is immediately obvious. This was one of those. It took no time at all to determine that Roon constitutes a significant sonic upgrade over dCS’ own renderer.

It’s the same “renderer”, Alan! The same bits! There can be no difference!

OOOOPPPSSSS!! Yes the article was in the absolute sound magazine. Not Stereophile. Forgive me.

I was cleaning out my garage and I remember reading that article at Starbucks and getting really excited and started putting together my grocery list to build a killer Roon system.

Now if only I could get my solid tech rack that I ordered in July. I guess there having a hard covid
time in Sweden where Solid Tech racks are made.