A Roon Services/Roon Radio bug

  1. Subscribe to both Tidal and Qobuz
  2. Cancel Tidal subscription, but in Settings==>Services leave the once legitimate username/password ‘Enabled’. Bug #1 is that Roon let’s one do that.
  3. Start Roon Radio.

Under some circumstances Roon Radio will search Tidal before Qobuz, find a like track and queue it up. Bug #2 is that Roon shouldn’t be searching the Service of a lapsed account.

On the attempt to play the track, a message that ‘Track not available in Tidal’ (or some such thing) is displayed.

Yes, the obvious fix is for the user to not ‘Enable’ a lapsed account.
Still, a Roon bug nonetheless.

@support, FWIW.

Thanks for the report, @xxx. I’ll get this over to the team for investigation.

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