A search that is fit for purpose for classical music

Roon’s search is not fit for purpose for searching classical music. Roon claim that Roon understands classical music, when in fact the search absolutely does not.

Say I want to find Mozart Symphony 39, and I type that in the search box.

The albums that come up include 39 Steps by John Abercrombie, and another called Room 39 which has nothing to do with Mozart, as well as Albums with Mozart symphonies on them but not Symphony 39. Not very helpful.

So I look at compositions, something Roon claims to understand, and there right enough is Mozart Symphony 39, which I click and get some excellent text describing it. But many of the albums listed in the Qobuz tab have only a movement of the composition, which means there are far too many (106) possibilities to consider.

This is even worse for opera, where even if you select an opera through the Composition section the results include many many CDs with only one aria.

So please can we have

A search for composition that just returns recordings of that composition.

More generally a decent search would allow some way of have an AND operator, and an OR operator. Roon is inconsistent in this. Focus has AND beween categories and OR within them. The search box is OR which is not helpful for many classical searches - when I type Beethoven Piano Concerto 3 it’s pretty obvious to most people, but not to Roon, what that should mean. Roon gives me all sorts - Mozart Piano Concerto, Beethoven Violin o certo, Piano Comcerto 1 … all sorts. I guess this is happening because it ORs rather than ANDs the words in the search. Not what I want. Not intuitive.

Roon is fantastic, but please give us a decent search.