A section showing all new releases (albums, EP's, singles) for all artists that I've chosen to follow

Having played a lot with Tidal, Spotify and Apple Music these last few months, with my streaming library mirrored across (98% or so) across all 3, there is one thing I’d love Roon to offer in future.

For the > 1200 artists that I have chosen to ‘follow’ in these streaming services apps, Spotify easily does the best job of telling me when these artists I follow release something new.

Tidal is ok but misses a lot of releases of artists I follow which means I need to keep Spotify going… classic FOMO symptoms I know - I’ve passed this feedback on to Tidal so hopefully they can improve that.

One thing I like about the way Tidal does it with their ‘suggest new’ and ‘new releases for you’, is it gets updated seemingly daily… whereas Spotify updates their ‘new release radar’ playlist once a week, every Friday’s here… So for a new album/track released Friday/Saturday or later, you will need to wait up to a week for it to show in Spotify’s new release radar playlist… whereas with Tidal it will show up the same day or next day (from personal experience).

Apple Music is hopeless in this regard but I expect Apple to make quick gains in that area though. Of late they seem to be paying more attention to the ‘For You’ section of Apple Music. There’s a great 3rd part app called MusicHarbor that helps bridge that gap for Apple Music but the process is clunky.

If Roon could have a section of all new releases for ALL artists that I’ve chosen to follow (not just the ones I listen to the most) and update this section daily (like the Tidal app does) this would be great.

I’ve subscribed to Soundiiz for a year and setup automatic syncing of my favourite Spotify and Apple Music playlists, to Tidal. This helps to keep things all in Tidal and is a nice pain free automated solution for now, until someone (other than Spotify) figures out how to do it well.

This feature request is mostly asking for something as good as Spotify’s ‘Release Radar’ playlist of new tracks by artists one follows. The ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist is a different beast altogether but probably more complicated.


Big +1 for this. Given Roon’s metadata depth I’d love to be able to also follow a label, or producer, or composer.