A Simple Tagging Question

I have DG’s 111 Tracks boxset (from TIDAL) featuring short works, most with instrumental or vocal soloists. The soloists do not appear on the main page, however. They are on the Credits page in a long list. There is no way to tell which of the 111 tracks they are starring.

Is there a way to 1) move the credit to the main page WITHOUT 2) creating two entries on the Credit page, i.e., a “Barbara Schmedlap” under both Vocals and Primary Artist (or similar)?

I find this sort of scenario very common where it is impossible to know who is playing what without tagging artists at a track rather than album level. Your example is a good one but there are many other scenarios. Personally I don’t mind the duplicates on the credits page as I never use it. But I do mind the duplicates on the album page. It is a real pain to have the additional editing step of deleting credits to tidy things up.

It seems to me that those designated as Primary Artists should be explicitly mentioned on the album page – only. And any artist with two tags, say, Primary and Violin, need only one listing in Credits.

Then I thought that maybe there was a special Roon tag that would work. Hence my OQ.

I use roon in a very different way it seems. My preference is to see everything on one page. So I put primary artists at an “album” level under the album the top of the page and soloists at a “track” level under each track throughout the page. This has exactly the effect you describe of duplicates on the credits page.