A small, but confusing, Ropieee nit

Don’t know if this is unavoidable or a bug.

Device’s screen from device Nanna -

Device’s screen from device Selene -

OTOH, Selene and Luna show up correctly no matter what device the *.local is on.

Nanna is going thru a 2nd switch and the other two RPis aren’t. So, there’s that.

Hmmm ok. I might have a clue what I can do about it.

same happening here now and then
nover bothered :stuck_out_tongue:

I just wish they has some defined sort order…name or IP would be fine.

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just found… you already can sort by Name or by IP :wink:

Yeah but it doesn’t remember it and IP sort can’t figure out 100 is after 20

But my main point is there should be some defined sort as default…it’s always random