A Space Available to Type In the Ideal Volume Setting

Each album/track seems to have just the right volume setting. I think it would be handy to have a small two digit space available for us to type in our own volume setting. That way when we put on a particular album or track, we’d be able to see what we’ve added as our ideal volume setting, and set our amps accordingly before the album or track begins to play.

Yes indeed. When your gear starts to approach the ability to actually sound like ‘the real thing’, the volume is critical. It would be even nicer if you set a default volume for each piece

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I’ve a Chord Mojo DAC and the volume settings are all various colour combinations! It took me some while to document all grades for both buttons from deepest darkest reds to some bright blues… then I used tags to designate albums RR (red-red) or RA (red-amber) or YY (yellow-yellow) or… well you get the idea.

Then I downloaded and installed those headphone convolution files and everything got quieter due to the headroom adjustments in the file! Now my amp can go to CLB (Cyan-Light Blue) and I don’t know where I am! :joy:

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I was hoping that @support might be able to tell me what the chances are of having this feature added might be.

Well I’m not support but I guess less then zero.

While I find the idea of documenting volume settings of your amp per track pretty much on the border of audiophilia nervosa I do like the idea of a user editable comment line. I like to be able to make my own comments that might not make sense to anyone else on this planet but do to me, volume settings in your case, usefull for you, useless for me. And in my case a comment where I got the music from, probably useless to you but very usefull to me.

Before someone comments on using tags Tagging just doesn’t work for this, I would have to create way to many tags, already have to much tags at the moment because it is the only user editable feature at the moment which leads to a complete mess sooner or later.

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