A specific Marshall Crenshaw (Tidal) track won't play via the Roon app, but will using the Tidal app

I have been playing the following album by Marshall Crenshaw over the past few of days:

Martin Crenshaw

Up until today, the album played in its entirety using Roon, but today it skips track 15 (“Rave on”) with the message that

“This track is not currently available from Tidal”.

However this track plays perfectly well without a problem when I play it using the Tidal app. Is this a problem at the Roon or Tidal end? I’d be grateful if you could resolve this for me.


I have the SACD of that album. Sounds great.

Search for the album again Tidal may have switched versions in the back end.

Tried again today and the track now plays via Roon.

I did switch my core off overnight last night - wonder if this was something to do with the resolution.


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If Tidal switched versions, then you would have to re-add it to your library. Roon, as of yet, doesn’t automatically shift pointers in that event.

There have been occasions in the past where albums have become unavailable & re-adding has allowed me to retrieve them, but this is the first time (I can recall) that a single track from an album has temporarily disappeared in this way.

That suggests a back end glitch to me, rather, than Tidal deprecating/re-adding content.