A surface Pro, Bluesound Pulse flex and a USB drive with my music backup

A surface Pro, Bluesound Pulse flex and a USB drive with my music backup, I’m trying to fit these together to get some music going in a house we are heading to at the weekend with no Internet and no IT infrastructure bar electricity.

I have a second Roon licence on a NUC in my office. I’m hoping to install Roon server full program on my Surface Pro and use this licence (before I leave home while I still have Internet - I’m hoping this is possible without having to deauthorise the NUC physically in the office.

From there I’m hoping to attach the USB drive and move the Roon database folder over to it so it will have the metadata for all the music.

I’m going to play music on the surface Pro and send it Bluetooth to the Bluesound Pulse flex.

Does this all seem doable ?

Is there something simple I’m not considering?



The best made plans of mice and men…

My WD 2TB back-up won’t work with Win 10 SP.

Then I had a cunning plan to use an old Toshiba Win 7 laptop but Roon won’t install on that.

Looks like a weekend of offline Spotify and Tida for me!


Why, what format is it in?


It’s due to the age of the device, a driver issue. - a google shows loads of others with the same problem alas.


Good point. I have never thought if Roon would work unless you have internet access. Now I wonder, does it ?

Yes it does, I moved and had no internet access for several weeks but Roon ran perfectly, just connected everything to a switch which was connected to an Apple AirPort Extreme which handled the dhcp, you could of course set ip addresses manually.