A Tagging Problem; Need a Direction

Here’s most of an identified album:


I’ve reanalyzed tracks. Can anyone tell at a glance what the problem is and whether it requires an outside tagging app (which I don’t have)? Many thanks.

I have a related issue: on one box set I have two tracks identically named: Allegro con brio. Their relative positions in two symphonies have been switched. How might one coax them back into line? I have tried to renumber the tracks, but it reverts when Roon identifies the album.

I sure would prefer a Roon solution if one is available.

Try making the tags starting:
“Symphony no 5: “ and the movement.

Symphony no 5: I
Symphony no 5: II

The descriptive bit of the tag should be exactly the same. What looks wrong for your example is the first tag is missing the Opus details, hence Roon assumes it is not part of the same work.

No need to pay for a tag editor. MP3Tag has versions for Windows and OSX (using Wine) or Puddletag is an alternative.

Bear in mid that sometimes the metadata for works and movements can be wrong, if you find a bad one then Roon very kindly notify their metadata providers to get these changed.

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Gold Star! A+! Head of the Class. Thank you.

I’ll bet that will work on my Allegro con brio switch problem. Trying it now.