A temporarily future-proofed DAC

My current DAC, the Benchmark DAC3, and most others I see with DSD support specify they can accept DSD64 and DSD128, with some even going to DSD256. Only a few can handle DSD512. I’ve seen DSD1024 files available at NativeDSD but I haven’t seen that capability in any DACs. Does anyone have any DAC suggestions that can accept these heavy DSD files?

To my knowledge it maxes out at DSD64. It does not support DSD128.

Indeed. My mistake.

Note that most if not all DSD512 files from NativeDSD are upmodulated / upsampled from lower rate DSD recordings such as DSD256. I mainly care about the rate at which they are recorded in.


Last week, I read on NativeDSD that recording above DSD256 is not possible, and therefore all DSD512 and DSD1024 is upsampled. I don’t know if they are correct, or not, but that is what they state.

I’m new in the world of high end DAC’s and NativeDSD music purchases. Since April of this year.

My only experience is with the exaSound S88, Roon Ready, 8CH Streaming via Ethernet, DSD 256 in multi-channel, DSD 512 in Stereo. Has 7.1 XLR and RCA outputs.

Don’t know about future-proofed. Hopefully any upgrade to DSD 1024 will be via a firmware upgrade. If hardware upgrade is required I’ll probably stick with 256 and 512.

HoloAudio models Spring and May. Also Topping D90. Used to be Denafrips also, but they have temporarily blocked that because of some conflict with macOS. Need to use IIS in most cases.


Pfft, completely unnecessary (IMO) unless one wishes to apply filters.

If need be, Roon will downsample, of course

You’ve got a top shelf DAC that punches above its price point. Why ask why?

I’ve bought a few albums from nativedsd and seems really, that the max recording “size” is in DSD256.
For me, the question is how will nativedsd up- or downsample?
If they stay in the “DSD domain”, then it can make sense to buy the up- or downsampled album, because then you haven’t to do this in Roon or HQPlayer.
Otherwise: for me it’s really hard to find differences in files upsampled to DSD256 or DSD512. For using DSD1024 I don’t have the needed hardware, but the most people are saying, that you can here bigger differences DSD64 → DSD256, but not really in DSD512 or DSD1024.

downsampling DSD is also processor intensive…so just because it can be done doesn’t mean you should - I would certainly get some sample files before you choke your CPU on a paid album at 1024DSD

2L High Resolution Music .:. free TEST BENCH have most rates for testing but maybe not 1024 - roon can’t play 1024 anyway currently AFAIK

T+A SD 3100 HV would be my suggestion.