A Virtual Roon Mulligan

There are times when Roon refuses to react to tag changes. Why is anybody’s guess, but it happens with regularity.

After exhausting the in-app fixes (e.g. rescan tracks, un-identify), the step that ultimately works is a do-over (a mulligan in golf parlance).

The process is:

  1. Using your OS, copy the offending album’s folder to your local drive (specifically to a non-watched area)
  2. Using your OS, delete the offending album’s folder in your Roon watched folder.
  3. In Roon, perform a Library Maintenance/Clean Up Library/Deleted Files. This scrubs the Roon DB.
  4. Copy the local album folder back into the Roon Watched folder.
  5. Check display for corrected appearance.

I simply request you program these functions into a single action; call it ReImport or Scrub or DoOver or Mulligan. It should be much faster and less prone to error than the manual steps above. And it would befit Roon’s desired polished image.

PS: I’d love for you to fix the underlying cause that creates the need for this Mulligan, but all I can gather is that the program is “working as intended”. Sigh.