A way to filter hidden tracks?

Hi guys, is there a way to filter the hidden tracks like the albums? Basically I manually hided some tracks and I would like to “search/filter” for these hidden tracks.
With the albums is possible to do it under focus but I cannot find a way to filter single hidden tracks…

Any help? Is there a way or I need to ‘‘request’’ it?

I did not think that [hiding individual tracks] was possible how did you do that?

I doubt there is an easy way at the moment, but you can use the following “workaround”:

  1. Go to General tab in Settings
  2. Disable ‘Show hidden Albums’
  3. Go to Tracks browser
  4. Select all tracks and add them to a tag
  5. Enable ‘Show hidden albums’
  6. Open Tracks browser once more
  7. Focus on tag from step#4
  8. Press on the appeared focus cart so roon could show all tracks except the ones in the tag

After those steps only hidden tracks will be shown :confused:

I see… But it should be easy to implement a function to show the hidden tracks in the next version, right?
Once that is possible to hide the tracks… Let’s make an option to search for them :slight_smile:

It should be relatively straightforward, but I can’t make commitments about next release or a timeline for when the change will be implemented will be implemented.

I’m going to open a ticket on this, the work will get done, and will go through QA. After that, it will be included in a future release, so keep an eye on the release notes. Until then, Vova’s work around will filter for only hidden tracks.

Thanks for flagging this @Miracle1980!

How does one unhide a track if he hides it by mistake?

Hi @hshrader,

Have a look at the Roon Knowledge Base in the User Guide Editing and Grooming Your Collection section How do I edit something? sub-section Visibility in Roon.