Aaargh! plus extra characters

I have spent years collating my tags in Jriver so I group by things I like to listen to.

Is there no way that Roon can just reflect my categorisation.

Right now this is a deal breaker I have no interest in using the product if I cant find my music.

The only benefit of roon I can see is the ability to play to multi devices I have no interest in reading more details about songs , lyrics etc etc.

AI never works for me so I will not be looking at or using any custom playlists or “suggestions” just want the software to work and do what it is told.

Well, you don’t go into specifics on how you organize so, I can’t really answer.

Simply no…

Room categorizes its own way, any structure in tags is mostly ignored

You can import and prefer your own Genre after that not much you can do

Read the KB on Tags & Bookmarks maybe

I find it easy to find any music I like in Roon. Albums, Artists, Genres, favourites, Discover, Search, Recommended for you, Focus, Tags, Bookmarks.
All the tools are there and easy to understand and use.

Googling around this seems like a common problem , I just have to use the trial to work out whethers advantages outweigh the disadvs.

Am now reimporting having disabled all Roon functionality lets see what I get.

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IF you have organized at the folder level, then you could focus on the folder and apply a TAG in Roon to everything under that folder. Alternatively, You can also use ROONALBUMTAG and ROONTRACKTAG in your files, to add internal Roon tags from that field’s contents.

So, a ROONALBUMTAG with the values “White Wine”, “Piano” and “ONLY IN EARLY JUNE”, would have Roon add those individual tags to the albums. Then you can focus on those tags.

Yep all the files organised into folders by my Genres , so I can import then apply a Tag based on the folder sounds like that would work.

Is Focus a word with application meaning ? I am not familiar with the syntax of roon yet but assume from the way that you use it that Focus is a functionality.

You can focus on nearly anything in Roon and Bookmark it.

There is a button that says Focus on it.

Do not add tags that are the same name as existing Roon genres. It should be different because Roon treats its own genres as tags and the system will get confused. So add an extra bit, like “MY” to the Tag, so instead of “Classical” which is a Roon genre, you can add “My Classical”. That way you can make sure everything works.

I standardized on a suffix like “_db” (which are my initials), so “Classical_db”. That way other users will know who added and owns the Tag. As well as differentiating it from the “Classical” Roon Genre Tag.