ABB? One important member is missing

The famous swedish quartet had 4 members. The missing member‘s name is Anni-Frid.
You should fix this in order to sell any membership in Sweden.

Mamma Mia!! :slight_smile:

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I don’t think this is a providers metadata issue… more an internal Roon process on how it builds these links.

As it happens I see all 4 members listed, I’d recommend waiting for @joel to comment.


Explain. 10/char

Similar here, but only Benny and Björn linked.

Exactly the same here. I have only 2 ABBA albums:

This is what I see here in the U.S.

Three linked in US.

I see the same. I hadn’t noticed this before.

I’m seeing them all here in Singapore.


Hi everyone,

The Members section only shows artists that exist in your library — If you do not have one of the members of the band as an artist in your library, they will not display here. We are aware of this limitation and hope to do better in the future. We appreciate the feedback here.

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Hi @dylan,

I don’t buy your explanation. All four are present.

They even all have their own artist page.

So why is Agnetha’s not linked? Why is Anni-Frid Missing?

If there’s only three of them does that make it an Abattoir?

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Hi everyone,

Thank you for the updates. We are always looking to make things better here, and we have an upcoming change to our metadata service that will likely yield some improvements to what you are seeing here. I don’t have an exact timeline for when this change will be released, but we hope to have this available soon.

While the new Roon 1.6 (Build 390) resolved some metadata issues in my library, this one is still present.

Interesting, Agnetha is hyperlinked in my Roon and Frida is there (also hyperlinked). Not sure why this would be different to what you are (still) seeing.

Weird. First of all, I searched for Abba. I don’t have any albums but after searching and selecting them, I see…

No band member credits.

Than I add an Abba album. Check the bio again…

Ok, all good now. Now I delete the Abba album, and recheck…

Agnetha and Frida have gone walkabout.

Beats me.


EDIT. Scratch that. That last screen was temporary, it has now reverted to the first screen of my examples.

EDIT 2. For some reason, the info line is slightly different depending on whether I choose performer, or composer.