ABC Feature Error

Hi,the abc feature doesn’t work correctly…I will try to explain…if I select A letter it gives me all artists starting with a and then artists that starts with B then if I try letter B it gives me only artists starting with B…why this? It is an error? Can you fix it?

It’s a jump feature, not a search feature. So you have (in the Artist Browser) all artists listed from A to Z. If you press M (for example), the browser will jump in the list to the page of artists starting with the letter “M”.

Ok,thanks! Awesome feature, you can even search by sub letter,roon is really amazing, everything I want and some…ok,now that I have cleared my doubt…I confused it for an alphabetical index…Ok,i think that this feature could become an actual index where it shows all artists starting with a letter and sub letter instead of a jump to feature, an actual index…Would it be possible?

Well, it more or less works like this now, doesn’t it? For example, if I enter “FL” in the Artist browser, it will jump to the point where all artists and groups with "Fl…"at the beginning of their name are listed:

Well yes it is really handy right now, my idea…I will try to explain myself better…Only show artists starting with a letter or ab sub letter…I hope you understood me now…

Then use the Filter in the Artist Browser (the Funnel icon at the top right of the Browser screen)

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