Ability for Roon to Auto Pause Playback for incoming call iPhone

Very new to Roon and overall I really like it for the most part. But unlike the Apple Music App it does not pause the music for an incoming call. Let me try to further explain. I work on call and like to go the sleep with my over the bed speakers playing music. So when I go to sleep listening to music streamed via airplay to my overhead speakers I never have to worry about how loud the music is and missing a call for work. This is because if a call comes in the output to the speakers is paused and the phone rings as normal. Also if volume control could be enabled through the physical volume buttons on the side of the phone Roon would be the perfect solution for my needs.


I was just going to post a similar request!

I believe that this would essentially entail using the Apple “Handoff” API to implement an integration similar to Apple’s own implementation within the iOS and Mac OS versions of iTunes. When a call comes in on the iPhone, the instantiation of iTunes running on the remote Mac pauses playback for the duration of the call, then automatically resumes.

This would be an incredibly convenient capability… any chance it’s possible?

Thank you!

I agree, a very useful feature, which is very lacking in the roon. Used to it in foobar2000. This function is needed not only for iPhone, for Android too.

i came for the opposite - how do i keep roon from pausing playback when i get on the phone? i never set it to do this and can’t find any addressable control related to it. does this need to be addressed in the iOS side? not sure where that would be either.

anyone have any thoughts or similar experience?