Ability sort bookmarks

As far as I can see bookmarks are always listed in the order they were created, which is fine if you have a handful, however, not so when you have numerous.

Please consider:

  • ability to sort and/or drag and drop bookmarks
  • ability to create and assign bespoke categories to bookmarks e.g. Genre based, Decade based, Format based etc and then so be able to sort by category/bookmark incl drag/drop categories

Yep, as people’s usage continues, more and more bookmarks will be generated. Especially given how central they are to saving various sorted states. @evend I agree, some type of Bookmark manager will eventually be needed.

Agreed. Doesn’t need to be too clever, just the ability to sort and perhaps arrange into sub-folders, similar to browser bookmarks.

This is already available: Click Bookmark icon > Manage bookmarks > Rename and Sort through Drag & Drop.

Yip, but drag and drop doesn’t cut it when there are many bookmarks - an additional option to sort would be far more efficient, as would the ability to add categories/ sub-folders.

Agreed. :slight_smile:

Any progress on this? If bookmarks are Roon’s “Smart Playlist”, then managing the playlist (nee, bookmarks) needs to be better.

Bookmarks should be a main area in the navigation pane on the left. Bookmarks should have the same importance as Playlists and Tags.

While I’m liking Roon, I’m finding it’s really quite behind when it comes to library management (at least compared to iTunes). Sure, Roon kills iTunes WRT to meta data, but iTunes kills Roon WRT library management.