Ability to convert to lossy mp3 for streaming to portable device

I don’t know how complicated it is to convert lossless files to mp3 on the fly, but there are times when it would be nice to do so where Wifi signal strength may be an issue and SQ isn’t a priority.

In my case, our Wifi signal by the pool is a little too weak to stream lossless files to my iPad/iPhone. Websurfing, streaming 128kps mp3 via Spotify, etc works fine.

I’d really like the Roon audio settings for my iPad and iPhone to include the option to stream my lossless files via 128 kps mp3 to my mobile devices.

There’s no power available near the pool; trying to add some kind of Wifi extender is not really I want to try to tackle.

Thanks. :slightly_smiling_face:

Use FLAC Squisher to convert all files to mp3. Store on its own room storage location. Enable and disabled storage as necessary. This way Roon will only see FLAC or mp3 as necessary.

Better solution would be eero wifi extender mesh network. That is what I’ve done at my pool. Not difficult at all. Eero is in the house not at the pool. I’ve got about 2 acres of my 10 covered with nothing outside.

I appreciate the suggestions. :slightly_smiling_face:

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