Ability to customise DSP for MQA files

I basically like Roon’s ability to use DSP to upsample to DSD.

However, if you are listening to MQA titles, you don’t want to upsample – you lose the value of MQA.

Is there any way to specify when to use upsampling? For example, would it be possible to automatically exclude upsampling if you are listening to MQA titles?


Roon’s implementation of MQA is coming (I’m confident of that now) but until it arrives we won’t know too much about it. At the moment Roon cannot tell if a Tidal file is MQA until it starts playing. I’m not sure about a local file.

Hopefully Roon’s implementation will enable exactly the feature you describe as resetting by hand would get very tiresome for users very quickly.

Provided Roon can identify MQA files then adding an MQA option to the Custom menu in Sample Rate Conversion might do it.


From the previous threads, I took away the impression that the technology to decode MQA within Roon was ready to rock and roll months ago, and that the issue was basically agreeing the licensing model.

With your level of confidence, are you saying that the licensing has been agreed? Otherwise, I’m curious as to how/why you’d have that level of confidence?

Roon already set out MQA detection few months back, so I believe it is only a matter of time (very soon) they will implement MQA decoding. My speculation is this coming Christmas.

I can’t tell you what you are asking. All that I can say is that I have been pessimistic in the past as to the prospects of MQA implementation in Roon. Now I am confident it will occur.

Not part of 1.4 I see.