Ability to customize home screen

I think the home screen would be much more agreeable for all if we could customize it somewhat.

I’m not at all interested in seeing pie charts and listening habits by day of the week as a huge main element on the home screen.

Would be great to either be able to reorder the home screen elements or a small tab to open or close them.


The Home screen is a wreck imo. Almost too much to really dive into, but the user metadatics is one of the weirdest, most unneeded things I could possibly think of. At least put it at the very bottom of the screen.


I wonder why sometimes a page with a history or something else appears instead of the home screen at the start of the Roon?
And when swiping back, this new page remains.
I would like to choose Roon’s start page.

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One specific request (while I think the whole thing should be customizable):

These boxes should be Toggle-able and sortable in Settings. I want to add Playlists, Genres, and Tags, and remove Composers. Or something else. I want to the ability to choose.


A second specific request, I would like navigation icon “slots” next to the bookmark. I could pick playlists and albums as my two, someone else might pick other things.

One of those could be a Home button or a Discovery button.


and get rid of the Hello and extra space… on Home page, I want to see CONTENT!


Please allow us to choose what we see on the Home Page. I’d like to remove items I never or rarely use like the Live Radio, or the new Analytic Tools (Recent listening and What you’ve been listening to). It would also be great to reorder the home page in a fashion similar to what’s available in the Queue.

Thanks in advance,


Agree, home page and the menu


+1 for being able to customise the homescreen.

The beauty of Roon is that it allows us to create a digital music experience that feels akin to owning a collection rather than simply renting one from Tidal et al. Custom tagging, metadata editing, and “Focus” are all great features in this regard.

The Home screen however feels counter to this. Home should be like walking into my own personal listening space. I want total control!



Yeah, one needs to be able to remove the whole Recent Listening section on the app. I do not want a breakdown of what I listened to or how much I’ve been listening. The graph is particularly offensive. Are we being setup for some sort of monetization effort? It really has lost its sense of self-ownership when you open it up


@mike any thoughts on this request?


Yes please


I would like to be able to remove the ‘Recently played stations’ section from the home screen. I may have listed to them once a long time ago, but all in all it almost looks like an advert.

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The last thing I want to see when I open Roon is the stuff I recently played…especially in a big blue box.


+1 for this feature


And the one thing I want to get to is Discover but it takes ages to load every time I open the home page


+1 for the home screen customization (or any kind of customization for that matter). One thing though, I would very much like to keep “Hi, Rob” on my home screen, even if my name is not Rob!!! :rofl:

Sorry guys, could not resist. I give this feature request anywhere between 5 to 15 years to see some kind of light so in the mean time why not having some fun? It’s on us anyway.


Yep count me in for home page customization! I only use desktop, and my home page shows many things I don’t care about. I literally have to scroll just to see something pertinent to me. I made another post elsewhere so here it is copied/pasted below. Thanks for looking into this Roon!

Ideally I’d love to rearrange or delete certain sections altogether. I’d say half or more of the current sections are useless and wasted space to me. If that’s too difficult, how about just being able to collapse/expand the sections? That way I could collapse the ones I’m not interested and get to what I want much faster.


With so many elements on the home screen now, surely Roon must acknowledge that not everyone is going to want all the elements that are presented. Each user will have their own favourites, I find I have to keep scrolling past content that is irrelevant to me (usage stats) to get to what I want. Please can we have a feature to select only what we want?


Agreed on this one, each row should have the ability to be re-ordered or hidden.