Ability to directly access personal music drive

The ability to directly access your personal music drives to the exclusion of Tidal and other streaming services. Example if your music is on drive E the ability to access drive E as you have it set up before integration by Roon. This would make it quicker to access only your ripped files and also to do metadata cleanup on your personal files.


@yardbird4 Hmm. The ability to edit our meta-data seems to be in the works as has been mentioned several times in other threads. And, if by “access drive E”, you mean as a folder based search and click paradigm, that too has been addressed in another thread. You should be able to find these threads and the official responses.

But to be helpful, I went ahead and searched on what I think you mean by accessing your E drive: Roon library wishlist?

Thanks. That’s exactly what I am talking about This was enlightening…especially to see Roon’s response. I am not convinced that giving a user an alternative way to view their own files is anti the Roon esthetic or experience. Meanwhile, I have found a work-around. If you kill your internet connection Roon will only pull up your collection and Tidal will not be engaged. This does not give you your own file hierarchy but for metadata and simply locating and playing your own rips it expedites the process a little. I hope Roon reconsiders its stance…

Just use the focus feature to show only your desired location. This has always been there.

No need to SHOUT :sunglasses:

@yardbird4 I do not use Tidal so I only see my collection so to speak. Is there not an option to disable/logout of Tidal in settings when you don’t want to see the Tidal albums.

And while ncpl does make a point that you can set a focus to separate out just your collection, Roon can still brings in suggestions and other meta-data from outside the focus depending on the screen you go to.

Now what others have discussed here with the devs is the possibility of “hiding” parts of the library by profile. If they can do that then you could create a profile which only looked at your collection and excluded Tidal and it would be a quick as changing profiles. For example, making sure the kids can only see their music and not randomly Roon their way to Alice Cooper.

Thanks all. I think your suggestions gets me most of the way there except for access to my own file structure. I know this is not a big deal technically because it is available in the $50.00 JRiver Media Center App.

Ya know, I find that Roon and JRiver offer completely different experiences and will use one or the other depending on what I feel like at the moment.

I agree although I have never tried to master all that JRiver offers. I think Roon is more user friendly in terms of motivating you to learn how to it works. I think both could use more documentation to make it easier for users in this regard.

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