Ability to display file metadata info in album view

Requesting a feature to display file metadata info. I’ve stored info under COMMENTS metadata tag of my FLAC file library of release info, cd pressing dates etc. I’d love the ability to display this information under Roon’s album view. For the user to customise this view would be greatly appreciated.

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ANY further customisation options would be appreciated :smile:

I also have info stored in the comments tag for many (maybe around 25%) of my albums (flac). Personally, I would like Roon to have the option to display this info on the album info page (not below the albums in the album browser). Perhaps a small icon that lights up if info in the comments field is detected, which when clicked brings up a box with the field contents.

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I too would appreciate Tags being displayed in all views, especially in the Que view as well as in the big album view. You are able to edit tags in those views but you cannot see the edits.

even to have the option under the + button with a ‘view original metadata’ with a window that pops up