Ability to easily create a list of Albums and Artists of interest for future listening

I am surprised that Roon does not have the idea of a future listen list for albums or artists. The playlist is really just about tracks.

As I browse the Qobuz pages within Roon, an interesting track comes on Roon Radio while listening, or I seen an interesting “Similar To”, I would love to be able to just mark an Album or Artist for future listening and exploration. I don’t necessarily want to listen at that moment, but I want to come back at a future point to have a listen.

Marking the album or artist for future listening should be as easy as marking a Favorite.

If I throw the Albums or Artists of interest into a playlist, it just becomes a mess of tracks, which is not interesting.


I use the tag function to achieve this - which works with albums

note that if the album is on Qobuz/Tidal it needs to be added to yur library for you to add a tag

Thank you for the suggestion Stampie. That doesn’t really solve my use case. This is about new music not in my library. The idea is to have minimal clicks. I don’t necessarily know if I will like the album or artist, so I don’t necessarily want to add them to my library. It would be the equivalent of a “save for later” on a reader application.

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I fully agree. This is a great idea.

When I first came to Roon I used the tag implementation for this purpose but soon found it unwieldy and incorrect that I was adding albums to my library that I wasn’t even sure I would like. I soon switched to adding them to a ‘listen later’ playlist, and I still do, however, as you point out, it’s track oriented and not really the right solution.

Roon to me is all about discovery and so a better process for this is certainly needed!

Yes I love this idea too . Currently I am adding the album in s playlist, but would love a better way to do this

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I’ve got 2 techniques, I pick a few albums to play, and if I kinda like it I save it to a “Qobuz of Interest” Playlist and if I like one, I add it to my library and then tag it as “Qobuz checking it out” . Every once in a while I go prune my tagged albums and delete them if they didn’t make the list so to speak, yet they stay in my Playlist so I have a history of albums I kinda liked. If I really really like them I keep them and Fav them.

But yes, any new options to help manage this better is welcome.

I’ve been looking for a feature that would do just this. I’ve come across copious amounts of new music that I have marked for listening later since I started using Roon.

I’ve been trying to figure out the best way to tag these for now. My first idea was to add the song that grabbed my attention to a playlist “to listen to later” and when I interested in sitting down to check out new music would launch the entire album form within the listen to later playlist by clicking on the album name. Bit of a work around but I’ll see how it works for now.

I like the idea of adding the album to my library and tagging it as a “to listen later” and then filter these albums when I want to check them out. It would involve removing albums I don’t like after listening but its only a few taps on the screen.

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I’d like this to. Currently I just create playlists called to listen withthe date and add albums to that then listen at my leisure. But having an option to just click and add to listen to later would be great.

Very nice feature.
With 2.0, is there a way to mark an album from Qobuz or Tidal to listen to later without adding in the library?
Playlist is an option but it is a list of songs view.

No difference to 1.8.