Ability to Go from 1 year Membership to Lifetime and receive credit for 1 year already paid

(Larry Newsome) #1

It would be great if a member could subscribe to the 1 year Roon membership and upgrade to lifetime within a certain amount of time…say before your one year membership expires or within 6 months; and have that one year fee credited to the lifetime membership cost. This would make it easier for more members to go lifetime and probably increase Roon’s revenue at the same time.

(Danny Dulai) #2

What we do is let the unused months of your Annual go towards Lifetime.

Using months you’ve already used towards the lifetime is like doing a paid trial for the lifetime. Even our the some of the data licenses we by are based on lifetime and annual. For example, lyrics data costs us a certain price for annual membership, and one larger price for lifetime members.

(Larry Newsome) #3

Just to be clear if I buy a one year membership on January 1, 2016 and then go lifetime on February 1, 2016 then I have 11 months of cash credit toward the lifetime membership? If so, sounds fair.

(Danny Dulai) #4

yup, but make sure this is done 86400 seconds * days in the month before the month is up, or else the computer will think you are into the next month.

heh… am I being pedantic? :smile:

(Larry Newsome) #5

Maybe a little … but I will set my atomic clock anyway. :sunglasses:

(Mark) #6

Thread ressurrection (as Alison Moyet nearly sang).

I currently have an annual sub that expires on May 27th 2016. I’d like to upgrade to lifetime (because you’re so awesome). Is the credit for the remaining five or six months automagically applied when I upgrade, or do I need to contact someone first? Cheers.

(Danny Dulai) #7

@pedalhead – do the upgrade on the site, then contact us at contact@roonlabs.com

(Mark) #8

Good stuff, thanks Danny.


This is good to know. I did an annual sub, but was thinking I should just go lifetime.

(Steve Dougherty) #10

Can I please ask if that would apply for year two as well? My first year is almost over but won’t be able to by a lifetime until sometime part way through year two

(Danny Dulai) #11

Yes it would


Just wondering @danny what do you guys prefer, us having an annual sub or a lifetime sub? Thinking about buying a lifetime sub to help you guys out, but if an annual sub is preferred I will stick to the annual sub.

(Larry) #13

Did @danny ever answer this? I am getting ready to renew for my fourth annual renewal, I never took advantage of the first year credit, and, again, will probably just do the annual. I was wondering about any credits for what I had paid so far but it appears none are offered except in the first year. So…I am also interested in keeping the company viable which is why I have gone to annual subscriptions for a lot of my programs now, rather than a one-time-buy-and-nothing-else. Especially for the smaller companies.


In the year that you change to lifetime, the outstanding unused annual will be rebated.

A simple forum search will clarify your options.


No @danny didn’t respond yet!

(Danny Dulai) #16

We don’t have a preference. There are pros and cons to both. We created both payment terms because some customers are comfortable with subscriptions, and some prefer a single payment.


Still considering having life time on an ongoing basis?

(Danny Dulai) #18

It comes up every 3 months of whether we should kill it. But it never goes anywhere… don’t know what the future holds here. I think we are due for another conversation at the end of the month :slight_smile:

or just look at the top of this topic.

(Larry Newsome) #19

I see Danny replied that they don’t have a preference. Of course I think a lifetime subscription is more advantageous to the consumer if they plan to keep the app for more than 3 or 4 years. If you want to fund the company it is probably more advantageous for annual payment over four or five years or longer but apparently they are in sound financial condition. I did a lifetime subscription after about 2 months trying the program out.


Thanks for your response. I will consider wether I will go for annual or lifetime.