Ability to play to HEOS devices

Would be nice if HEOS could be used as a zone output. Have one in the garage, but need to stream from my NAS since Roon doesn’t support HEOS playback (unless I’m missing something!)

Seems there is very little to go on re the connectivity and discovery but maybe its proprietary or UPNP/DLNA and either way unless you bang on Denon to make it Roon ready probably not going to happen.

Maybe as an endpoint on some usb interfaced connection like RPi?

Makes sense… Not sure about the ins and outs of HEOS, but it’s actually a pretty decent sounding little speaker (class D amp helps)… Thought I would add it to the feature requests. Thanks for the reply!

contact Denon and ask.

HEOS devices should be accessible through Airplay. At least this works with my Marantz AVR.

Marantz and Denon (same company) support HEOS, but I have a Yamaha AVR and no such luck. Ended up using a raspberry pi3 and the aux input on the HEOS. Works pretty well and allows me to group the zones too. Are you sure it’s airplay or the actual HEOS function on your AVR? I have a HEOS 3 and there is no airplay option on it that I can find.

My Marantz AVR shows up in Roon setup under “audio” all the way down below the networked devices in a section called Airplay.

When I activate this, the AVR switches to the HEOS input and the playing track shows up in the HEOS app.

The AVR shows as a zone in Roon.

However, I just had a quick look on the HEOS site and it appears that only the Home Cinema HS2 and the DMG AVRs support Airplay (and Airplay2 after the newest firmware upgrade).

All HEOS devices from HS2 on should have built in Bluetooth functionality though. Not sure if that would be a solution.

Sorry if I gave you false hope. I’m not a HEOS expert.

The Yamaha AVR also shows the same under airplay, just doesn’t support HEOS but not that big of a deal and the workaround with the raspberry pi3 works well… The HEOS is in the garage so it’s not being used all that much, but sounds pretty good when I’m out there and it’s nice having the same music playing as inside.

I have Marantz SR8012. HEOS AVR inputs show up on network as a UPnP (albeit unusable with regular UPnP renderers) so I expect HEOS is some proprietary form of UPnP or that it’s just locked down to D&M Holdings devices.

Whether D&M devices also receive Airplay is down to the device.The 8012 has Airplay 2 (amongst others).

I’d like to see Roon partner with Marantz and Cambridge Audio for that matter, for Roon ready as future software update.

Strange, I’m able to play from JRiver to my SR6012. Only DSD doesn’t play directly very well over BubbleUPnP.

Actually, you mentioning BubbleUPnP reminded me in past I had created OpenHome renderer from the Marantz stock UPnP, so their UPnP implementation isn’t as locked down as I first thought. Good call.