Ability to reboot the Roon "core" from an remote controller/app

Even with the improvements in 1.2, my core is still at times “stalling” when playing 24 bit tracks.
My guess is that my local network is the cause of the bottleneck, unfortunately the Roon Core doesn’t deal with it particularly well and basically freezes up.

My workaround is to simple reboot the cost on my host PC. Unfortunately, it’s in a completely different room, which is rather inconvenient.
Can you please add the capability to reboot the core remotely from an App, or a remote install of the software.
That would at least give us a far more easily actioned manual resolution.


Yes, please!

Pretty sure it’s been requested before but adding my support anyway.

Wouldn’t you rather they fixed the root problem?

Sure, but there may not be a single root problem? So until the time comes when restarting the Server in all setups and configurations is never required, it would be a convenient feature to have….

As per hifi_swlon, yes, of course I’d like a root cause solution.
However, as already suggested, the root cause might take months to resolve and this would a far more convenient workaround
Additionally, it’s quite possible that future upgrades might “introduce” a new issue that would require this type of workaround, meaning that this could have future as yet unknown benefits.