Ability To Remotely Reauthorize Roon Nucleus

Now that we have Roon ARC, I have what I call the “Roon Dilemma.” Before Roon ARC, when away from home, I would unauthorize my Roon Nucleus and authorize my Dell laptop Roon core. Of course, if I do this now, I also lose Roon ARC.

So, my feature suggestion is (if technically possible), give us a way to remotely reactivate our Roon Nucleus. Of course, another option would be to allow us to keep two cores authorized at once.


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Or have primary and dependent (what once in a less happy time was called master & slave). Boy I want my second home core to just do a bidirectional periodic sync to my primary core and verify it’s still cool to be alive. “Phone home” etc. I keep thinking about ways to try to make it a pain for people to cheat… local libraries must be identical, periodic 2FA, something.

I’m not a computer person, but I was thinking about maybe a way to put the Nucleus in Roon ARC mode only. So, instead of clicking “unauthorize” the Nucleus, we click “Roon ARC mode,” then authorize our laptop for away from home use. At that point, the Nucleus would be useless except to feed Roon ARC.

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